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Minnie Music Classes

Fun Baby & Pre School Music Classes for ages 5 and under

Call MINNIE’S HOTLINE 020 8769 0629 ★ 07736048663 to book a FREE Minnie Music Class Trial at Your Nursery or Children’s Centre!

What can you expect from a Minnie Music Class?

Professional Entertainers!

Musical Adventures! – we take the kids on an imaginative journey to a new destination each month. We explore with related songs, puppets, instruments and much more!

Fun nursery rhymes and songs the kids will love

New instruments for all the children to play with

Bubbles and Parachute fun! Babies to toddlers LOVE this

 Lots of Smiles! We use big facial expressions, which we find is a key factor in keeping kid’s attentions and can bring smiles to babies faces
​Inspirational – Our classes are executed with huge energy which we find is integral to the children getting the most out of the class

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